New Art

I thought you all might enjoy seeing a little of the process I go through with my art. So earlier this month I was walking down the road and an image came to me of a woman holding her face with her arms crossed and a necklace of antlers. When I got home, I immediately […]

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To Lootcrate or Not to Lootcrate?

I got an announcement today that Nerd Block, a mystery box subscription company, is coming back. I joined their subscription service a couple years ago and was underwhelmed by the products I received so I cancelled. It led me to think about the other geek-themed subscription services I’ve tired. They’ve all had varying success and […]

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Wisdom for the day

When we are open to the world, we can learn a lot from each other. Even when the lessons are tough, we must submit to them to grow. -Knowledge I learned from Karate and reminded by on Twitter everyday.

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Looking Ahead

The new year is here and it causes me to sit back and reflect on how far I have come in the past few years. If you asked me back in 2014, how I felt about life, I probably would have responded with a shrug, while on the inside I would be screaming. I was super […]

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Artist Spotlight: Jed Henry

Anyone who visits my home will notice a few things: I have an irresponsible amount of games The cats are in charge I love the art of Jed Henry Jed Henry is the talented artists behind Ukiyo-e Heroes, a site that offers fine Japanese woodblock prints featuring video games and other geeky fun. Yep, Jed’s […]

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New Year, New Nerdy Kitten Pants

I love a lot of stuff: Gaming, Cosplay, Baking, Karate, Animals, Geek Culture, etc… While I write for Gameosity and Geek & Sundry, often times there are things I want to talk about that don’t have a place on those sites. So I am resurrecting Nerdy Kitten Pants as my blog to expound upon the […]

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Find me on Youtube!

So I haven’t posted in a while, because I have been really busy with Gameosity and Geek & Sundry. One of the big time-eaters is video production. On the Gameosity Reviews channel I have been the producer/editor/occasional actor for the videos. On top of that I also started my own Let’s Play channel. It’s still […]

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