Marvel Makes Way for the Ladies of A-Force!


This spring Marvel is assembling a whole new, all female team, A-Force!  The Series is set to be co-written by G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel) and Marguerite K. Bennett (Angela: Asgard’s Assassin, Max Ride: First Flight) with artwork by Jorge Molina (X-Men).

When asked which women would be making up the team, Willow Wilson said “She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa, Nico Minoru and other fan favorites, will take charge. We’ve purposefully assembled a team composed of different characters from disparate parts of the Marvel U, with very different power sets, identities and ideologies.”

AFORCE_001_HanMarvel is also creating a new character for the team called Singularity. She is a self aware pocket universe created during the Secret Wars. I gotta say the cover looks pretty badass!

The former Avengers won’t be around any longer so the ladies will have room to shine.   I am so excited! I love the idea of an all female avengers team.

In an interview with USA Today, Wilson said, “We’re having very interesting discussions in comics about gender, about competing ideologies, about how to be inclusive without making fans of the classic canon feel alienated. These are big questions for the whole industry right now and everybody is grappling to answer in fresh and relevant ways. So to be part of that is very, very cool for me.”

I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. Just think of the movies that could come out of this! Ok, maybe I’m a little too excited, but still way to go Marvel! What do you guys think? Are you as stoked as I am for A-Force?



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