Take My Money! LEGO’s New Minecraft Sets Are Now Available.

Are you as big a fan of Minecraft as I am? Well than start dancing because LEGO has released a whole slew of new Minecraft sets! LEGO has also announced that later this year, we are getting four more Minecraft building sets: Dungeon, The Snow Hideout, The Desert Outpost and The Nether Fortress. I can’t wait to check them out!

I have been addicted to Minecraft since it first came out. In my favorite map I had built an airship over my underground base/mine. My only regret was that I could not propel it around to explore the vast wonder that was my world. Well, that and the giant spiders that kept trying to nest in it. I am going to NY Toy fair this weekend so I’ll be able to check these sets out first hand, but until then here are some first impressions:

The Cave – Ah jeeze, more Spiders! Well you can’t win them all when you are arachnophobic. The set also comes with Steve, accessories, and a zombie. ($19.99)
The Farm – This one comes with a lot of stuff! Includes Steve, a big chest full of bread, skeleton, cow, and sheep! I so want to get a bunch of these and link them together. ($29.99)

Hey Steve! look out behind you!

The First Night – My favorite thing in Minecraft is finding buildings, so the first night set is my cup of tea. Now Steve has his own little hut! As usual it comes with Steve and some accessories, but you also get a Creeper and pig! ($39.99)

Now if I get a couple of these I can make a whole village!

Crafting Box – This one truly captures the heart of LEGO crossed with Minecraft, which is pure creativity. It is a huge assortment of blocks that let you design your own Minecraft set. It is also a great way to interlock your other sets together. ($49.99)
mine2The Ender Dragon – Ok, this one I am not as stoked about. Yeah you do get an ender dragon which is kinda cool, but I feel like Lego lamed out a bit on the environment side of things. Especially since the set costs double what normal sets go for: $69.99.

Really? That’s it? I call shenanigans.

The Mine – This one is huge and expensive ($109.99), but look at all that stuff! In this one I feel like you are getting something for your money. There’s Steve, a skeleton, zombie, spider, Creeper, lots of dynamite, even a mine car. I can say this one looks pretty cool.


So there you have them. The LEGO Minecraft sets are a staple in my home and if you love the series at all these are some pretty nice additions.

A couple of my sets hanging out with a Warcraft Violet Proto-Drake.

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