Experience the Love of Amanda Palmer’s Music on Tour in Select Cities

If you have never heard of Amanda Palmer or at least never listened to her music, you are missing out. She may or may not be your cup of tea with strangely punkish cabaret style music, but there is something there between the lines that you should experience. Amanda, through her music and through her life, is here for you, for me, for the world.

I don’t consider myself a fan as much as I see her as one of my heroes. She is the kind of person who will hold the you patiently as you cry big blubbering stories upon her shoulder, and comfort you as best she can. She will hold you hand as you take your first steps into the great unknown, just to let you understand that you are not alone. She has a brightness that comes through her art to hug you in the face.

I first listened to her sing during a winter break from school. I was crashing on a friends couch in Brookline, MA. She was a photographer with a wonderful sense of freedom and adventure and I was a painter with aspirations of finding something like that within myself. It ended up in long nights of hanging out talking, photographing ourselves running naked through the woods, and listening to music. My friend made me a mixed tape that included the Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer’s band. Through that tape I found something and sought out more. Amanda’s openness and kindness is something I seek to emulate and I never would have discovered it, if I hadn’t listened to her music all those years ago.

Her songs can be angry, sullen, and melancholy, but wrapped up in her lyrics is a life worth experiencing. To get a sense of her music you can check out a webpage called A WALK THROUGH AMANDALANDA. It gives you an overview of her work as well as including favorite songs and Youtube videos.

For a lucky few cities she is going on a short tour again. It is going to be an intimate affair; Amanda, a piano, and a ukulele. That’s it. The essence distilled down to where it began. She will also be designing a new line of merchandise to sell at the shows and signing her new book which is a fantastic read and I’ll probably review on here soon. If you can please spread the word. Help her sell out her shows. Show her how loving and supportive the world can be.


Saturday, April 4::  DC – Lincoln Theater. Tickets available  here.

Sunday, April 5::   RICHMOND, VA – The National. Tickets available here.

Monday, April 6::  RALEIGH, NC – Fletcher Opera Theatre Tickets are available here.

Thursday, April 9::  ATLANTA – Variety Playhouse. Tickets available here

Friday, April 10::  BIRMINGHAM, AL – WorkPlay Theatre. Tickets available here

Saturday, April 11::  NEW ORLEANS – Civic Theater. Tickets available here

Tuesday, April 14::  AUSTIN – Paramount Theatre. Tickets available  here.

Wednesday, April 15::  DALLAS – Granada Theater. Tickets available here.


Other Performances

Wednesday, March 18::  Vancouver, British Columbia – Vogue Theatre
AMANDA PALMER & FRIENDS FROM TED present a night of random music, ideas & mayhem. all proceeds to benefit the Vancouver Food Bank.

tickets on sale now here.

Monday, March 23::  New York, NY – Carnegie Hall
THE MUSIC OF DAVID BYRNE & TALKING HEADS!! 100% of the net proceeds to benefit Music Education for Underprivileged Youth

tickets on sale now here.


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