Join the Mysterious Adventure of The Extraordinary Farewell on IndieGoGo

The Extraordinary Farewell by Writer/Director Zach Kranzler (No Subtitles Necessary, as well as acting on Fraiser, Las Vegas, and Firefly) is a new film being funded by Indiegogo. It features Seamus Dever (Castle, Army Wives, General Hospital, Mad Men) and Marsha Thomason (White Collar, Where the Heart Is, Playing the Field and Pie in the Sky) in a story of magician H. Henry Locke and secrets of his life.

The film is seeing a lot of support as it has raised $31,902 of its $250,000 goal. The awards for donating are pretty awesome too. backers can enjoy anything from a mug, a digital version of the movie, to signed posters, dinners with the cast, and even an onscreen appearance! The shooting of the film is slated for this summer  so the film could be out pretty fast once funded. It is an exciting opportunity to become involved in such an amazing project.

I had the pleasure to ask the actors a couple of questions to get some insight into preparing for their roles.


NKP to Seamus Dever: The dark, mysterious H. Henry Locke is pretty different from your role on Castle. How are you enjoying the change up? Will you be learning any magic tricks for role if so, what kind and are you having fun with it?

Seamus: “Well the truth is that I’m a pretty dark and mysterious guy. No, I’ve played a ton of guys before Ryan on Castle that were strange and on the fringes of humanity. In fact, edgy was kind of my thing for a long time and no one could really see me as playing nice guys. Playing Kevin Ryan has kind of flipped that perception for me, but yeah, playing someone with secrets and baggage is fun for me.

I heard a great quote about John Barrymore when choosing his roles. He always asked “Which character suffers the most?” and then usually went that way. It gives you loads of stuff to play with.

I think we will use a little magic in the show. I’ve always admired the close up variety and using cards. It would be great to learn some of those skills. I went to college with a well-known magician in the magic community and our director Zach and myself have a friend who is a fantastic magician so those guys may be getting a call from us soon.”


NKP to Marsha Thomason: Claire Samuels seems like a sharp and intuitive character. What first attracted you to her role? Do you foresee any challenges in portraying her?

Marsha: I was attracted to such a strong dynamic female role and am excited at the prospect of bringing this mysterious character to life. I foresee the biggest challenge to be the time period and to that end, portraying an African American woman in 1950’s America honestly.

Seamus also did a short video about the project:

Thank you to Marsha and Seamus for taking some time with NKP. It is always a pleasure to see behind the curtain, especially a magician’s curtain.

You can back The Extraordinary Farewell, just like I did, by going to their Indiegogo site. You will join some famous backers such as Nathan Fillian, Seamus’ co-star on Castle.



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