The Amazing Fun of the Geek Girl Brunch

NYC is a fantastic place for a geeky girl. We’ve got events like the World Maker Faire and NYCC, we have stores like Kinokuniya and Evolution, and we have brunches dedicated to us specifically. Meet Geek Girl Brunch (GGB).

The program was started by four New York women who love geek culture. Geek Girl has expanded to 20 chapters all over the world with more popping up all the time. Every month the GGB picks a theme such as DC Superheroes, Studio Ghibli, board games, etc… and holds a delightful girls-only brunch where love for these themes can be shared. I have attended two GGB’s so far an both have been fantastic. If you read my interview with Debbie Rolf, you will remember that I met her and her roommate Ashley Warren as well as many other amazing people at the first GGB I attended. Lots of the women who went came in costume which was super cool.

They also run a fantastic program called Do Better and was inspired by Batgirl and her team as they strive to do good in the world. Basically you can do anything that you think will benefit the world around you; anything from helping someone cross the street to starting your own grass roots program. The GGB will share your achievement with the hashtag #GGBDoBetter. I feel like the Do better campaign is a really great way for us to all support each other in making our world a nicer place to live. it is one of my firm beliefs that when we all help each other we change the world.

If you are interested in starting a brunch in your area you can email GGB at They will help you through the process and to find other people to team up with. They are all about community and having fun. If you get a chance I strongly suggest trying to get a ticket to the next brunch. They are delightful.

Here are a few photos from the brunches I attended.
DC Comics:

Studio Ghibli:

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