Your Story: From Plank to Page, Visual Artist Diana Teeter Makes Awesome Happen

Diana Teeter is a fantastic artist living in NYC. I have visited her home and seen the bookcase full of paintings that she has produced in the last year. You heard me right a full bookcase of art produced in 1 year. She is prolific and talented and she was willing to spend some time with us today talking about her art.

dianaNKP: Tell me a story from art school.

Diana: So many stories, I am having a hard time deciding what one would be the best.  Many of my stories from my undergrad years are about what happens when you give about 1,000 very creative people more freedom then they have ever had before with the least amount of adult supervision they have ever had before… There was the time when my (now husband’s) roommates made a huge spud gun and nearly launched the innagural spud into my head, or maybe the best story was about one of my classmates who crashed his new Mustang (uninsured of course) into the newest building on campus learning how to drift (nobody was hurt). There are also countless stories about staying up all night making art then napping the next day in the oddest of places (I once fell asleep on the dorm room floor with my arm inside a tool box).

But I think the best story I can tell was about the day that I brought one of my high school friends to campus right before my sophomore year was starting. We were walking from the dorm rooms to one of the class buildings and on the way I must have said hello to at least twenty different people, it seemed like I knew everyone at the college. In my high school I was not popular and I don’t think twenty people even knew who I was. My high school friend was in shock and asked me if I was the most popular person at CCS. I laughed and told her no, I had just finally found a place that I belonged.

NKP: What kind of art do you make? What are you favorite mediums?3

Diana: I started off as a photographer, but photography went and broke my heart. I have to admit I hate digital photography and as much as I love my iPhone and the camera on it I hate what it has done to how people react to photography as art. It is so accessible that photography as an art is very undervalued and underappreciated. I still love the old processes like cyanotype and Polaroids but it is not what speaks to me as much anymore.  Lately I have fallen back in love with painting and mixed media work. I love painting on wood and mixing in pages of old books. I like to make art that people want to live with.  I love the moment when somebody sees a painting of mine and they just have to make it a part of their life. I have sold a lot of my work for a very low price because of this.  I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t afford to live with art.

NKP: What would you say inspires you? What are some themes that run though your art?

Anything can inspire me, and I never know what will. Sometimes I get inspired by nature and I end up painting a series of landscapes, animals and bugs. Sometimes I am inspired by my emotions and stress (yes I get inspired by stress) and my work gets a little moody. I am also inspired by my friends and my hubby.  When they are the inspiration my work gets a little silly or full of whimsy with a twist of sci-fi.

NKP: Who are some of your favorite artists?

Diana: I love Jasper Johns and Kiki Smith because they are unafraid to work in a vast spectrum of media.  I also love the photography and video of the Starn twins, their work is so dark and beautiful at the same time.

2NKP: Where can people find you work?

Diana: To see a feed of everything I do (the good, the not so good and my struggles of sharing a studio space with a cat) You can see my blog at and I also have a shop on etsy:  On selet weekends (I have just started to go) I have a booth at Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn, I always post on tumblr when I will be there.

NKP: What do you do when you are not “Arting?”

Diana: I do have a full time job (boo) but with the time in between I spend as much time as I can with my loved ones; my husband Rob, my cats and my friends.  Me and my three partners in crime have started a fantastic website called (look out for us, we will take over the internet) and I also kick ass weekly in Shotokan.

I would definitely recommend taking a look through her work on Etsy and although it wasn’t mentioned here she is also  launching an Indiegogo campaign on April 6th. The campaign is to support a 365 day artist challenge. She will be spending the next year painting one small painting a day. I will add a link here as soon as it goes live. Thanks Diana. We’ll be looking forward to seeing more art from you!


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