Richard Carrie & The Blank Page Kickstarter

Australia is on the opposite side of the world from me. For a New Yorker who hasn’t seen much of the world, it seems like an exotic place full of Kangaroos, Koalas, untamed countryside, and adventure around every corner. The truth is Australia has it’s cities and with those cities we face similar problems, namely homelessness. According to

It is a scary number that echoes the similar state of New York’s Homeless. With that in mind, you might think that Richard Carrie would focus on his homelessness, but instead he focuses on beauty. Richard Carrie is an artist. He has lived for 3 months on the streets of Melbourne and he is using that situation as rocket fuel for his art.

10930104_1029315090417076_8105726184342678084_nHe has set up a Kickstarter campaign, called Blank Page, to try to raise the funds to put on an exhibition of his work and repay some of the kindness that charities have given him in this difficult time. I first discovered Richard’s campaign when Ben Templesmith (another artist I love) funded it. Richard set a low goal to make sure he would have the best chance of getting funded. Perhaps it was a surprise to him then that his campaign was funded twice over within the first week. Richard can now, not only put on his exhibition, but also produce a book called “The Day I Tried To Kill Myself & Realized I Was Scared Of Heights” which serves as a diary of his life on the streets as well as a portfolio of his paintings during that time.

Richard’s show will be held Saturday the 30th of May from 6pm to between 10-11pm. He will be showing 20 paintings, holding a short talk & Q&A. and then holding an auction for the paintings (half the money going to The Homeless of Melbourne). The location of the art show has not been released yet, but if you are in Melbourne you should check it out.

Richard’s work is gorgeous and powerful. The expressions he captures on the faces of his subjects tell stories just with the eyes alone. You can follow his daily progress as he reports on his blog from his local library. Richard said that he would try to send over his story when he has time, but between painting and setting up his new art show he has got to be a busy man!

The Kickstarter only has 29 hours left to go. I really hope you guys take a second to check out Richards campaign and perhaps donate. It is a fantastic chance to help an artist from the ground up. You can check it out here:



2 thoughts on “Richard Carrie & The Blank Page Kickstarter

  1. Hey it’s josh Whitworth here I have liked your art from the second I seen it and have drawn from it as a inspiration and it has changed the way I think about putting the pencil down on the page and just wanted to thank you or send my message somewhere so it makes it to you, Cheers mate hope to see you around the city maybe have a coffe sone time and a chat


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