Your Story: An Interview With Richard Carrie

Yesterday I blogged about Richard Carrie and the last few hours of his Kickstarter campaign. Now with 1 hour or so left to go I have the interview with Richard for you all.
NKP: Your work is gorgeous. Did you attend art classes or are you a self-taught artist?
10996355_1029315133750405_3402455664538673992_nRichard: A bit of a mix really, I did do some fine arts classes in my teens, but I was doing more pencil drawings then. With using water colours it’s been a real jump in the deep end for me & just forcing it to work for me. I’m sure other painters would hate my method of painting.

NKP: What kinds of materials do you use in your paintings?

Richard: I start with penciling it out, then it’s watercolours & ink wash, then finish of with markers for highlights.

NKP: Your Subjects seem very alive and expressive. What kind of reference material (photographs or live models) do you use or is it all from your head?

Richard: It starts in my head, I have an image, then I go online & find a bunch of reference material which I then take into photoshop & combine to recreate the image I had, then use that as a guide to paint from. Usually as I paint I slowly move from the reference & add my own spin to it all.

NKP: What is your favorite part of painting?

Richard: The hardest part is getting started, but as soon as it’s flowing & working, you start to kind of meditate out & it’s just a really relaxing experience. You actually start to forget you’re sitting on a busy pavement with people watching.

 10930104_1029315090417076_8105726184342678084_nNKP: I see that your local library helps you out? Could you talk a little about what they have done for you? (I am a librarian as well, so it is nice to hear about how libraries helps the community)
Richard: They have been awesome, the library here is just great. There are a lot of homeless who use this one each day & the best thing the librarians do is leave us in peace, they don’t treat us any differently than any other person in there. They also help with getting a library card when you don’t have an address, they have free workshops you can go to if you need to learn a new skill to get a job & the big thing is letting us use the computers, because these days to find work or to communicate with people you need to be able to get online.

NKP: Now that you have had a successful Kickstarter, what do you plan on doing next?

Richard: This whole experience has changed my life, once the exhibition is over & I will be off the streets then I will be continuing to work with varies Homeless Support Groups. I will be doing doing art workshops for those homeless who want to busk to make some money as well as organizing more exhibitions with other artists to raise money for varies charities. So busy times ahead.
Thank you Richard for been so nice and taking some time to tells us a little about you. I am super jazzed to see this Kickstarter do so well. Richard has been extremely gracious to all his supporters and  I am glad to see a project like this be able to change someones life for the better. It just goes to show how when we all work together amazing things can happen.

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