Hoppy Bunny Day! Let’s Dye Some Eggs!

So today is the day that is delightfully full of candy, bunnies and eggs. I learned a new way to dye eggs that leaves them looking amazing.   20150405_110836it was pretty easy to do. The first thing I did was to hollow out the eggs. You don’t have to do this step, but it keeps them from going bad eventually. To hollow them out you need to poke 2 holes, one in each end of the egg. This can be tricky. I’ve read tips on how to do it including sandpapering the ends a little before trying to poke a hole, or covering the ends in tape to keep them from cracking. I tried both just to be sure. To make the hole I took a small pin and gently tapped it into the sandpapered, taped end of the egg. Once the pin pushed through, I took a much larger pin and tapped it in to widen the hole.


My first efforts didn’t do so well, but the second time around I figured out I could tap around the small hole to break off tiny bits to make it wider without cracking.Once you have two holes in your egg you need to insert a long wire, stick,  or pin to stir up the yolk. If you don’t do this to will not be able to fit out of the tiny hole in the bottom of your egg. Yolk scrambled, you’ll blow into one end to shoot the egg out the other. I suggest doing this over the sink so you don’t make a mess. Wash off your egg once it is hollow and you are ready to work some magic.

To dye the egg you’ll need onion skins (any color will do), white vinegar, and if you want to get fancy some turmeric or blueberries and a sprig or two of some flower, cilantro, or other pretty greenery. You’ll also want either some cheesecloth or an old stocking. So take the onion skins and other greenery and put it into a bowl of water to soak a little. this will make it easier for that stuff to stick to the egg. Then place a sprig over your egg. The places that the leaf touches will stay mostly white when you dye the egg.

Once artfully draped with a few leaves, wrap your egg in onion skins and bag all that in a cloth of your choice to make a secure little pouch. You want the onion skin to be held tightly against the egg, but try not to crack it. Put your little pouch into a pot of boiling water with a half a cup of vinegar in it and simmer for about 20 minutes. This part can be a pain in the ass because your hollow eggs will float. I ended up just standing around pushing them into the water, but I am sure there are more ingenious ways to handle it. To make brighter colors or mix it up a little you can add turmeric or blueberries. Tumeric will make everything yellower and blueberries will turn it a pretty grey.


I really love how they come out with the organic patterns and earthy tones. Now that I know how I want to make a ton of them. I guess I’ll have to bake a lot of cookies to use up all the yolks I’ll be extracting. No one in my house will complain about extra cookies. 😉


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