Wal Put Some Pants On! Or Not.

befbde48According to Kotaku’s article “Square Changes Final Fantasy Character To Show Less Butt” by Jason Schreier, Square has changed the main character design for Mobius Final Fantasy. The hero in question, Wal, is, in Final Fantasy tradition, a bishonen sex symbol with a huge… Sword.

The original design had his side abs and hips showing, but had everything else covered, even if it was only by skin tight, spray on leather. You’ll see a hell of a lot more man skin just going to the beach this summer, but surprisingly, during a presentation of the game, the designers stated that the outfit was too sexy.

Thus Wal gets some extra cloth to cover his scandalously naked skin so that gamers everywhere will be protected from nose bleeds and sudden onset puberty.



To this all I really have to say is…











Oh, Come on!


I think the series already has established its’ sex factor. Either give us our man candy or start putting real clothes on your ladies too! What do you guys think? Should Wal protect his modesty or is Square being ridiculous?

You can find more info on the Wal Desexifying on Hachima.


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