No, You Can’t Touch My Tattoo Without Asking

I just had a strange and unacceptable experience. In a way you could call it sexual assault.

Here’s how it went down.

I got on the elevator with my arms full of laundry. I was wearing a t-shirt that has a cutout in the back so you can see some of my tattoo. As I pushed the button, I felt something grab my shirt and yank. Behind me a snark-filled voice asked in a demanding way “What does it say?”

Really? Couldn't get enough of a look as it was? You can see almost all of it!
Really? Couldn’t get enough of a look as it was? You can see almost all of it!

I turned around to find out who it was and found myself staring at an old woman. I was too shocked to berate her so I told her the truth. Its a poem. I have a bad habit of blurting out the truth when I don’t have time to think. I thought to myself as she laughed and got off the elevator that she was extremely lucky. I have trained for several years in a couple of martial arts styles. My first instinct when being grabbed from behind is to attack. Had I not been encumbered with a load of laundry, I probably would have whirled around with a open handed block to break her hold on my shirt and perhaps her wrist.

Then I had to wonder what she was thinking? If someone walked up to anyone and pulled their clothes aside, regardless of gender, wouldn’t it be considered sexual assault? Just because I am wearing a shirt that shows off part of my tattoo, it doesn’t mean you can try to pull it off to see the rest.

Tattoos are not consent.

If you see someone with a tattoo and want to ask about it, do that. If the person feels comfortable, they may show you the rest of it. Under no circumstances should you put your hands on another person without consent.  It doesn’t matter what they are wearing. It doesn’t matter what they are showing. Hand-off unless you get permission first.

Sorry to rant, but this was just ridiculous.

Want to see my tattoo? Here you go. It is the beginnings of a poem written in Hylian (Legend of Zelda). Bonus points if you can read it.



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