Vital Lacerda: Bringing Humanity to the Humanities

I got to post a really nice article with feels today on my Board Game site.


jessmJess:  If you’re following board games on Kickstarter, you probably know that one of the coolest-looking games on the block right now is The Gallerist, from Eagle-Gryphon Games and Vital Lacerda.  But earlier this week, Board Game Geek user Rodrigo Levin (AKA ThisisRodrigo) posted a thread called ” Vital Lacerda is a great person“. With a title like that I coudn’t pass up reading it and my heart shall be warmed for days to come.

Rodrigo learned that, in December 2014, Vital Lacerda ran a contest inviting fans to submit art for possible inclusion in his upcoming game The Gallerist. Vital wrote:

“The spirit of The Gallerist is to discover, and act as patron to new artists to help them create works of art. You can buy their art, send them to art school, and get sponsors to improve their fame and the market value of the…

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