Things I Never Knew About Krull

krull.13378Krull, directed by Peter Yates, was my childhood fantasy movie. While other kids though Disney movies were the top of cinematic entertainment, I was squirreled away watching a rag tag group of heroes fight futuristic aliens in order to save the world (and perhaps the galaxy). It had to be one of my favorite movies; up there with Big trouble in Little China and Flash Gordon.

The story begins with the planet Krull being invaded by the alien forces of the Beast and its’ army of laser wielding Slayers. What can Prince Colwyn do when the Slayers come to kidnap his bride-to-be Princess Lyssa? Chase them across the ends of the planet, collecting a group of dedicated warriors, riding flying horses, avoiding giant crystal spiders, to reach the Black Fortress and fight the malevolent beast. There is so much awesome in this movie!

Recently I found out some things I never knew about Krull and they just about blew my mind. Ok, who am I kidding? They totally blew my mind.

1. How Did I Not Know Liam Neeson Was In This Movie?

Neeson played Kegan (the uncouth fellow on the right), one of the bandits that join our heroes on their adventure. He’s got swagger, he’s got bravery, and he’s got about seven or eight wives. I never knew this movie had any actors anyone had ever heard of.
I fully expect Key and Peele would do a jig over this…

Yep, I was right.

2. The Soundtrack Was Created By James Horner.

Horner is the musical genius behind The Karate Kid, The Legend of Zorro, Avatar, and a ton of other famous movies. The music he crafted was so epically cheesey and yet I can still hum it to this day. Take a listen:

3. Marvel Did A Two Part Comic Tie-In.

Written by David Michelinie (The Amazing Spider-Man and Iron Man) and pencilled by Bret Blevins (New Mutants, The Dark Crystal, and The Last Starfighter), the comics covered the events of the movie, but sadly did not continue the adventure even though it could have easily have been a series. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Anyone at Marvel want to bring this back?  …No? …Okay.

Back in 2000 there was a video adaption of the comic where the images from the comic were synched up to the sound from the film. You can still find it on Youtube.

4. There Was A Krull Video Game.


I am dying here! How did I never play this as a kid? The Krull video game came out in 1983 for the Atari 2600.  In the game you play though some of the major events of the movie like Colwyn’s wedding, riding the fire mare, jumping across the Widow’s web, and fighting the beast at the Black fortress. There was also supposed to be a pinball version, but it sadly never got made.

5. You Can Watch Krull With RiffTrax!


The amazing people at Rifftrax have created a soundtrack to aid you while watching the film. I almost don’t heave the heart to listen to it as I love the film so much, but I am hitting the buy button anyway… If you want to listen along you can purchase a copy here:

Last, but the most shocking to my geek heart…


excited cat

I lost my goddamn mind when I saw this. I run a board game website and I had no clue there was one game no less three! I was able to find pictures from the original Krull board game and the card game. Apparently it is impossible to find anything from Krull Quest. Look at those custom Krull dice!!!


This was an amazing look back at one of my favorite movies, but I can’t take anymore! I must go watch the movie and calm my beans.

Are you a fan of Krull? Is anyone but me? Let me know in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Things I Never Knew About Krull

  1. I love Krull too! It looks great in HD on the blu-Ray from Mill Creek. Sadly, Krull doesn’t get as much love as other 80s fantasy movies like Willow and Labyrinth.


  2. My father produced KRULL, I lived in London in 1981 and was lucky enough to get to walk on lots of the sets. It was a magnificent time. I am glad there is such a following for it now. Where were all of you during the summer of ’83?


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