Bringing Pokemon to Beautifully Rendered Life

Oh to be a free spirited Charmander scampering over hills and dales with the wind in your brilliant orange scales. It is truly the life for a Pokémon. Now you can see that life in full detail with CryZENx’s “A Boy and His Kite” Unreal 4 demo.

The video features the three starter’s: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, but mainly follows the adorable Chamander around as it happily runs to and fro and breathes tiny gouts of flame. I kept expecting it to set the deer on fire.I also wish they had rendered the Bulbasaur ambling around. They look so adorably grumpy.

It’s so cute! I just want to stuff it in a tiny ball and make it fight gladitorial combat against others of its kind.

CryZENx has also added Link and Sonic to the engine. Check out their feed for more awesome videos.


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