Official Custom Nerf Guns!

I’m so excited! Amazon and Nerf have teamed up to offer you a Build Your Own Blaster. The N-Strike Modulus is their new customizable blaster that has rail attachments for scopes, barrels, stocks, clips, and more!

The basic N-Strike Modulus blaster

I can totally see Nerf Modders having a blast (sorry for the pun) with this. You can add things like a Red Dot Sight with a Folding Bi-pod Upgrade and targeting scope to make an ultimate sniper blaster. My only complaint is that I wish there were more base blaster options. I’m betting that if this one goes over well, Nerf will release more models. For now, I’m going to spend my time trying to build guns from Fallout and turn them into cosplay props. You can try building your own here.



By the way, some people make crazy amazing Fallout Nerf mods by hand. Check out the galley below.



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