Wisdom for the day

When we are open to the world, we can learn a lot from each other. Even when the lessons are tough, we must submit to them to grow. -Knowledge I learned from Karate and reminded by on Twitter everyday. Advertisements

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Looking Ahead

The new year is here and it causes me to sit back and reflect on how far I have come in the past few years. If you asked me back in 2014, how I felt about life, I probably would have responded with a shrug, while on the inside I would be screaming. I was super […]

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Wal Put Some Pants On! Or Not.

According to Kotaku’s article “Square Changes Final Fantasy Character To Show Less Butt” by Jason Schreier, Square has changed the main character design for Mobius Final Fantasy. The hero in question, Wal, is, in Final Fantasy tradition, a bishonen sex symbol with a huge… Sword. The original design had his side abs and hips showing, but had everything else […]

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Why Zombie?

I was sitting down to catch up on a few episodes of The Walking Dead (I hardly ever get to watch anything the day it comes out. Ahh the life of a free-lance writer) when I started thinking about the whole phenomenon. Why Zombies? Why the fascination? Even though it seems like people are starting […]

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