Artist Spotlight: Jed Henry

Anyone who visits my home will notice a few things: I have an irresponsible amount of games The cats are in charge I love the art of Jed Henry Jed Henry is the talented artists behind Ukiyo-e Heroes, a site that offers fine Japanese woodblock prints featuring video games and other geeky fun. Yep, Jed’s […]

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New Dragon Age DLC!

Ok so for the week after August 11th I can just write “BUSY” on my calendar. I like that the trailer shows both the female and male Inquisitor. I love DA for their efforts to make realistic and believable characters including strong females, differing sexualities, and a great sense of humor. If you haven’t tried […]

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Things I Never Knew About Krull

Krull, directed by Peter Yates, was my childhood fantasy movie. While other kids though Disney movies were the top of cinematic entertainment, I was squirreled away watching a rag tag group of heroes fight futuristic aliens in order to save the world (and perhaps the galaxy). It had to be one of my favorite movies; […]

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Wal Put Some Pants On! Or Not.

According to Kotaku’s article “Square Changes Final Fantasy Character To Show Less Butt” by Jason Schreier, Square has changed the main character design for Mobius Final Fantasy. The hero in question, Wal, is, in Final Fantasy tradition, a bishonen sex symbol with a huge… Sword. The original design had his side abs and hips showing, but had everything else […]

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