Official Custom Nerf Guns!

I’m so excited! Amazon and Nerf have teamed up to offer you a Build Your Own Blaster. The N-Strike Modulus is their new customizable blaster that has rail attachments for scopes, barrels, stocks, clips, and more! I can totally see Nerf Modders having a blast (sorry for the pun) with this. You can add things […]

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New Dragon Age DLC!

Ok so for the week after August 11th I can just write “BUSY” on my calendar. I like that the trailer shows both the female and male Inquisitor. I love DA for their efforts to make realistic and believable characters including strong females, differing sexualities, and a great sense of humor. If you haven’t tried […]

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Things I Never Knew About Krull

Krull, directed by Peter Yates, was my childhood fantasy movie. While other kids though Disney movies were the top of cinematic entertainment, I was squirreled away watching a rag tag group of heroes fight futuristic aliens in order to save the world (and perhaps the galaxy). It had to be one of my favorite movies; […]

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